Who we are


We were born in 1988,
as a small production company in the field of industrial embroidery, which began to have its production center in the nascent Val Vibrata of the 80s.
Paying attention immediately to the use of cutting-edge machinery, we managed to carve out a space in the clothing embroidery market.

In 1995, the company sought new commercial outlets by launching a tissue transformation department through the use of electronic machines for quilting and decorating fabrics on Roll..
Through the agility of the ups and downs of the industry in the 90s, the GS RICAMIFICIO in the early 2000s is structured differently to be able to remain competitive on the market.

In 2004 the Screen Printing department was started, with automatic and manual machines, for printing on fabrics, and on both cut and finished clothes.

At the end of the same year the graphic and punching studio was greatly developed for the realization of embroidery digitize and printing films.
This study deals with the research of new printing / embroidery / fabric effects and materials to make our products.
Thus began a real transformation that brings the RICAMIFICIO GS to be a proactive company in the world of the Embellishment.

In 2011 the GS RICAMIFICIO makes a further development, with the inauguration of the new headquarters, where all the various departments of the company are concentrated, and where you can welcome the customers in the new showroom, with the archive of our work that contains more than 1000 samples, available to those who need to always look for new effects.

Between 2017 and 2018 other important investments were made from the technological point of view, with the purchase of embroidery machines with large fields; the installation of bridge lasers to realize embroideries, and finally the purchase for the screen printing department, of an INKJET printing machine, with pigment dyes that allows printing both light and dark fabrics directly on the garments finished, on cross-dresses, on sheets, with a maximum range of 240 x 160 cm.

RICAMIFICIO GS continues in its development towards the future,
and thanks to specialized staff and the latest machinery we can meet any need of our customers.

Below is a description of our company:.

Our Embroidery Departement:

-12 multi-head machines
-2 Bridge laser systems for embossing in the embroidery
-Machines for sponge embroidery, chain
-Machines for the application of sequins in multicolor
-machines for the application of chains, beads, and any material
-coiling machines -
machines for embroidery all over and quilts, with embroidery fields from 50x125cm to 120x145cm
-manual machines for embroidery or hand finishing machine
-staff for manual embroidery
- application of rhinestones, studs, pearls, thermoadhesives and rivets.

To develop the ideas of our customers we have an internal graphic office, where experience and innovation come together to follow in detail the idea that must become embroidery or printing.
The different experiences of our staff, together with the use of different software, allow us to have no limits in creating embroidery, creating small masterpieces from time to time.